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Massage Therapy

with a twist

Therapeutic Massage

We are skilled in a number of traditional bodywork techniques; Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Massage, Friction Massage, Myofascial Release, Muscle Activation Technique, Cupping, Swedish, and Relaxation.

Massage is also a tool we use to discover areas of the body in need of Neural Reset Therapy.

“massageFIT delivers an extraordinary therapeutic massage experience”

Neural Reset Therapy

Neural Reset Therapy® has made massageFIT 80% more efficient at eliminating muscle tension. It is a recently developed form of bodywork that offers rapid muscular pain relief by working directly with the nervous system.

As you live life, your nervous system creates a map of its experiences. Due to all sorts of contributing factors like being active, but also from accidents, trauma, broken bones, repetitive motions, ‘close-calls,’ posture imbalances, surgery etc. the nervous system will create patterns of protection, or muscular tension that it does not know how to turn off on its own.

Neural Reset Therapy® (created by Lawrence Woods) is a simple, pain-free therapy that utilizes physiological and neurological principles to reset the nervous system and the muscle tension it controls. Proper application of NRT will release a muscle from excessive tension within seconds. With the release, knots, pain, and tightness are gone, and joint mobility and posture improve.

Permanent? Yes! Typically the first session includes several resets which begin to clear out these protective patterns that can be several years old. The second session is usually for fine-tuning and then any following treatments will be to maintain the body and reset only what’s occurred in the nervous system since the last session (not your entire life).

Other benefits? Yes! Your nervous system uses energy in order to maintain excessive muscle tension. When this tension is removed, there is more energy available for digestion, immunity, and daily activities. And, when there isn’t constant fear or protection in nervous system you will have a healthier, happier, and calmer perception of what you think is happening around you.

“It’s like magic

Perception Therapy

Developed by massageFIT, Perception Therapy is the understanding that we are the awareness of ALL experiences. That our perception of our physical self is no different than our perception of the physical world — one perception, not an interaction between the two.

Using empathy as our guide, we apply this understanding to the awareness we share and it removes the glue that binds experiences to your perception.

Here, you will experience your true self without trying to figure out what you are, and discover the greatest sense of freedom and wellness possible.

“I don’t even know what you did, but I feel amazing.”

Distance Healing

All our experiences exist in the awareness we share and is accessible to all.

No matter where the client and therapist are in relation to each other, it is possible to collect the energy of specific experiences, which may relate to pain or emotion and locate where it’s being expressed.

Connecting to this place will help the client see and feel what they are holding on to and bring the issue out of resistance, which allows it to clear from their perception.


In office sessions:

30 minutes: $75
60 minutes: $115
90 minutes: $140

Distance healing:

15 minutes: $45
30 minutes: $75
(includes follow up conversation if needed)

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