Therapy that is as unique as it is affective

massageFIT is an efficient and affective process that uses a combination of therapies customized to FIT the needs of each individual client. Corrective and transformative, massageFIT will help you feel your best at whatever it is you do!

Hi, I am Dan

Owner and therapist at massageFIT.

I am passionate about you feeling your best.  You inspire me everyday to find the most effective ways to uncover your potential.

Massage therapy with a twist

Our philosophy is not to provide a particular service, but to intuitively use our skills and resources in each session to achieve optimal result for every client, every time.

Therapeutic massage

Traditional bodywork modalities customized to FIT your needs

Neural Reset Therapy®

A simple, pain-free therapy that works directly with the nervous system to rapidly relieve muscle tension.

Perception Therapy

Ultimately, being ‘healed’ is to understand that there is nothing wrong.

Distance Healing Therapy

Accessing and treating specific experiences in the awareness that we all share. 

‘Life changing’

‘I can’t believe how affective this process is without any pain’

‘I feel better, every single time’

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